paleo chicken zoodle soup

Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2020)

Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup

This Paleo Chicken Zoodle soup is a gluten free version of the classic, comforting dish. This version is also Whole 30 friendly. This recipe is loaded with antioxidant-rich ingredients and has a nutrient-dense, collagen filed bone broth as a base. You can use the Rotissierie Chicken for both the meat and the bones to make your broth.

Current Updates

Sundays used to mean getting ready for the week ahead, and I always used to get a twinge of anxiety about the work week and things ahead, but now that everything has just blended together and I’m not going to work, that’s gone. Which I guess is one good thing to come from all of this. Now I get to look forward to Sundays because 90 Day Fiance, my favorite obsession, is on. Anybody else love that show? I don’t know how they manage to get better and better every season. You think to yourself they can’t possibly out due themselves next time, and then … Big Ed!

onion carrot celery in instanpot with herbs for bone broth

This Sunday is also Mothers Day, which is making me miss my Mom even more than usual. I’ve been talking to her a few times a day since we’ve been in lockdown, but it’s not the same as being there with someone. We are hoping that once restrictions loosen up a bit, we’ll all meet at my Brothers new place in Austin. We are trying for June, fingers crossed. I’ve never been to Austin but am excited to visit, I’ve heard nothing but good things. I hear the food scene is unbelievable. If you have any places we absolutely must try, drop me a comment below. Open to any all recommendations from food and restaurants to just cool things.

paleo chicken zoodle soup ingredients

Zoodles & Zoodles of Fun

Ok, so soup might not necessarily be fun, but oodles and oodles of fun was the only pun I could think of for zoodles. Even though soup might be fun, it definitely is comforting and healing. Lately, I’ve been trying really hard to be kind to my body and give it what it needs. We’re all under so much stress with everything going on, and so I want to keep my immune system running as smoothly as possible. Soup is just one of those things that feels kind to my body. It’s easy to digest, packed with nutrients, real fresh ingredients. And, let’s not forget the bone broth that’s so good for supporting our gut health, among many other things.

paleo chicken zoodle soup in instantpot cooked

If you aren’t familiar with zoodles, they are an excellent spaghetti alternative. The name alone is enough to make them great in my book. While they are a good substitute, if I’m totally honest, they are not my favorite pasta alternative. I prefer chickpea pasta and spaghetti squash pasta. But they are very healthy and do come in handy like in this Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup. The reason I prefer them to other alternatives is they can get a little mushy, but in soup, you want your noddles to be on the softer side, so it works out perfectly. Plus, they are very low carb, so if when you are avoiding sugar, starchy vegetables, or legumes (aka chickpea pasta), they can be a good alternative.

Nerdy Health Stuff

Bone broth has been used for thousands of years to help alleviate symptoms when people have gotten sick. There’s a reason why Chicken Noodle Soup is what our Grandmothers told us eat when we were sick. Bone broth is easy to digest and packed with all kinds of nutrients our body needs. Did you know 80% of our energy is spent in our digestive tract? When our gut is out of whack, everything becomes out of sorts. A study has found that people with IBD, IBS, and Chrons are missing some of the necessary amino acids in their gut. Bone broth can be a great way to get those non-inflammatory amino acids delivered directly to the source. Another study has found that glutamine supplementation can help heal the intestinal lining in both humans and animals. This is critical in healing patients with leaky gut syndrome and other GI dysfunctions. 

chicken zoodle soup in glass mug

Bone Broth also has an abundance of collagen. Collagen is a crucial compound needed for bone, muscle, skin, and hair health. A study from the Nutrition Journal found that Type II Collagen, when taken regularly, found in chicken bones, helped alleviate symptoms of joint pain, stiffness, and reduced function in those with osteoarthritis. Bone Broth is so great for skin health they have dubbed it “liquid botox,” because again collagen is what fills in those wrinkles that none of us really want.    

Tips, Recs, Subs

  • If you don’t want to make your own broth, you can use store-bought. Just make sure it is a good quality brand. My go-to brand is Bare Bones. You can order here directly through amazon. Not a sponsored post, just a high-quality brand I really stand behind. 
  • You can also make my Instanpot Bone Broth, then add shreeded chicken or chicken breast chunks if you don’t have a rotisserie chicken.
  • For the herbs, I buy the poultry pack. Its usually all the herbs you need in package. You can add sage, or whatever other herbs you enjoy. 
  • Don’t have fresh veggies? Use frozen. You can even use frozen premade zoodles if you don’t have a spiralizer.  
  • If you need a spiralizier, I linked one below. They’re great. You can spiralize everything from zucchini to butternut squash and even make sweet potato noodles! 
  • The other product I love and used for this recipe is the instanpot sling! It’s silicone and safe to cook right in the instantpot. I put the veggies right on top, then when it’s time to take them out they stay whole and come out in a breeze. 
  • If you are looking for more anti-inflammatory benefits to this recipe, add ginger or turmeric. 
paleo chicken zoodle soup in mug

You can have all the ingredients delivered to you directly from Whole Foods with FREE DELIVERY in 2 hours or less, through Amazon Prime. Make sure you use this link for a free 30-day trial. If you are low income and receive EBT or other government benefits, you may qualify for a reduced rate of $5.99/month.

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paleo chicken zoodle soup

Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup

A healthy take on the classic comforting chicken noodle soup. Paleo & Whole 30 friendly.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 2 hrs 10 mins


  • Instantpot


  • 1 Whole Rotisserie Chicken, Meat removed and set aside
  • 3 Medium Carrots. 1 Left Whole 2 Diced
  • 3 Stalks Celery. 1 Left Whole 2 Diced
  • 1 Onion. 1/2 left whole 1/2 Diced
  • 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Small bunch Parsley
  • 1 Small bunch Rosemary
  • 1 Small bunch Thyme
  • 2 Small-Medium Zucchini spiralized or 1 bag frozen zoodles
  • 4 Cups Water


Make the Broth

  • Remove the chicken meat from the rotisserie chicken, roughly chop and leave to the side. Place the what is left of the chicken in the instantpot. Fill with water to just below the max level, about 4 cups. Add apple cider vinegar, whole carrot, whole celery. Tie the herbs together, in a bunch and place in the instantpot as well. Generously salt and pepper well.
  • Make sure the valve is set to "sealing" mode. Set to manual pressure on high for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Let pressure naturally release for 10-15 minutes, switch the valve to "venting" to let any additional pressure release. Remove the carrot, onion, herbs and the chicken. I run a small mesh strainer through the broth to make sure I got it all.

Make the Soup

  • Add the diced carrots, onion, celery, cut chicken, and zucchini noodles.
  • Make sure the valve is seat to "sealing." Set manual pressure on high for 10 minutes. Let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes after, before switching the valve to "venting." Serve and enjoy. Can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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