Keto Eggplant French Toast (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)
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Keto Eggplant French Toast

You are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised how much this Keto Eggplant French Toast actually resembles french toast. I know it’s crazy you would never think eggplant = bread, but somehow it works. It’s a savory take on a sweet classic. Perfect when you can no longer eat eggs and bacon every day on the Keto and Paleo diets. The key is salting the eggplant for at least 30 minutes to remove that bitterness from it. This recipe is also Paleo friendly! I gave a list of optional toppings for Keto Vs. Paleo, but the recipe is the same for both.

All About Those Veggies

If you follow me (which if you don’t, why not? Sign up below), you know I LOVE sneaking veggies into everything, from snacks to lunches and dinners, even desserts. The more plants we eat and the more diverse they are, the better. So why would breakfast be any different? Not sure if you can relate, but there are only so many different variations of omelets I can eat. They are a great way to add vegetables to your breakfast, but if you can’t do that every day, this is another excellent way to start your day with plant power. You would be surprised the impact of adding veggies to your diet can have. Healthy lifestyles are comprised of a lot of little healthy habits, and I can’t think of a better one. If you add blueberries on top it’s an even bigger win!

If you liked this Keto French Toast Recipe, here are some of my favorite recipes that also sneak in veggies. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl, Keto Zucchini Pie, Flourless Zucchini Brownies, Veggie Loaded Taco Meat, Baked Banana Donuts. 

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What Makes This Dish Keto, and Paleo Friendly?

I usually take a minute to explain what makes each recipe on this site fall into the dietary categories so my readers a better idea of what each diet is about. Keto is a diet focused on keeping the body in a state of ketosis. In this state, the body starts to burn fat for fuel. You do this by consuming under a certain number of carbs per day, typically 20G or less. . Eggplants are a great keto-friendly veggie because, like most other summer veggies are naturally low in carbs. 1 Cup of eggplant is roughly 4.5G Carbs and 2.5G of Fiber, so about 2 Net Carbs per cup. The eggs are a 0 Carbs. As for top toppings, Redi Whipp Whipped cream is only 1 Net Carb per serving. There are keto maple syrups out there. I haven’t tried any of them because I stay away from anything with artificial sweeteners, so I can’t recommend a specific one. However, I’ve heard there are some good ones out there. Blueberries are another low carb fruit that goes perfectly with this dish, and butter which is 0Carbs. 


Paleo diet focuses on eating whole foods that are minimally processed, avoiding any inflammatory ingredients, like gluten, grains, dairy, and legumes. All veggies fall into the category of Paleo-approved as do eggs and spices. You can also get creative with the toppings here, pure maple syrup is allowed on the Paleo diet in moderation, blueberries are also a great addition. In the pictures, I topped with a dairy-free yogurt from Kite Hill as well. Adds a nice creaminess to this dish. 

What Ingredients Do You Need?

  1. Eggplant Cut into 1-1 1/2″ Rounds
  2. Butter/ Ghee (for Paleo)
  3. Vanilla (optional)
  4. Eggs
  5. Optional toppings
keto eggplant french toast

How To Make It (full recipe below)

  1. Salt the eggplant for 30 minutes to remove any bitterness.
  2. Dip in the egg wash, dip again.
  3. Add to the frying pan with butter or ghee, flip and cook some more. 
  4. Add toppings

That Simple!!!

Helpful Equipment and Ingredients (Directly From Amazon)

Oxo Spatula
multi colored whisk
Rainbow Whisks
Maple Syrup
ghee carrington farms

Nerdy Health Stuff

Eggplants have a variety of health benefits. For starters, they are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, fiber, folic acid, potassium(1). In my Eat The Rainbow Salad post, I explained the health benefits of different colored fruits and vegetables. Purple fruits contain compounds linked to reducing osteoporosis, stronger bones, and even increased bone density. Additionally, the iron and calcium found in eggplants are crucial in improving and preserving overall bone health.

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally good sources of fiber, and eggplant is no different. One eggplant serving has 2.5G of fiber, which is at least 5% of a person’s daily requirement(2). 5% might not seem like a lot, but did you know 95% of Americans don’t meet the minimum requirements for daily fiber intake (3). Even worse than that, on average, Americans don’t meet 50% of the minimum daily requirement (4). Fiber is crucial in overall health. It is linked to decreased obesity, decreased rates of diabetes, improved heart health, and improved digestive health. Fiber keeps you full, can help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels. All of these things can do wonders for your overall health and overall mood. So try and add fruits and vegetables to your diet, even if it’s a Keto Eggplant French Toast for breakfast. 

Tips, Recs, Subs

  • Salt the eggplant for at least 30 minutes! I can’t stress this enough. 
  • Use apple pie or pumpkin pie spice to change it up from traditional cinnamon.
  • Keto Toppings- Whipped cream, berries, keto maple syrup, butter. 
  • Paleo Toppings- Dairy-free yogurt, berries, pure maple syrup, ghee.
  • If using vanilla, try my 30 Minute Instant Pot Vanilla Extract. It’s super flavorful and way cheaper than the store bought stuff. 

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