perfect instantpot sweet potatoes

Perfect Instantpot Sweet Potatoes

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2020)

Perfect Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

After I posted my Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, recipe everyone wanted to know the best way to make sweet potatoes. So here is the recipe for fluffy, Perfect Instantpot Sweet Potatoes. They are the absolute best and have so many versatile uses. You can eat them on their own as a vegan/whole 30/ or paleo side dish. First, you absolutely need to make my Dairy-Free Mac & Cheese, pictured below! Another favorite of mine, to make is Veggie Loaded Taco Meat and turn it into Taco Meat Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. After that, the possibilities for these bad boys are endless! 

dairy free mac and cheese parsley white bowl made with perfect instantpot sweet potatoes

Current Updates

Another day in quarantine, so there’s not too much to report. Life is kind of boring right now, with everything being on hold! The only exciting thing, if you can even call it that, is that I am currently doing a sugar detox. Today is day three, and I have no absolutely no energy. But the lack of energy is only a secondary to a terrible headache. The kind of headache that I don’t even want to keep my eyes open. But it’s OK because I know in a few days I’ll be writing another current update talking about how great I feel now that I am on the other side of the sugar detox. Once I kick this sugar addiction, I am thinking of doing another round of Whole 30! Have any of you done it? Or thought about doing it? Let me know thoughts below!

I Yam Who I Yam

What is a yam anyway, and how is it different from sweet potatoes? If you’re in a typical American grocery store, probably nothing! Apparently, in the ’30s, the Louisiana Growers started calling their orange sweet potato crops “Yams” to distinguish from other growers, and it just stuck. Real yams are an entirely different root veggie that is more similar to yucca with a rough outer layer that resembles tree bark.

bon appetit mag yam vs a sweet potato
Photo Credit: Bon Appetit Mag

Sweet Potatoes are considered one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. They have a lot of nutritious qualities. Firstly and foremost, they contain high levels of Vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, and dietary fiber. These veggies also have high levels of beta-carotene, commonly associated with carrots, giving both their orange color. These vegetables are low on the glycemic index, which means they take a long to break down and cause blood sugar to rise at a slow, steady level instead of spiking it like a cookie or candy bar would. Other interesting facts about sweet potatoes, they shouldn’t be stored in the fridge, but rather a room temperature dry place. Also, you shouldn’t wash them until you are ready to eat them, the moisture can increase the rate at which they spoil. There ya have it, everything you never knew you wanted to know about Sweet Potatoes 🙂

Tips, Recs, Subs

  • My absolute favorite instant pot tool are these little Oxo silicone roasting racks. Game changer! They are especially great when you are cooking potatoes or veggies in the instant pot because it keeps them from getting soggy. I use this all the time to keep my vegetables out of the water in my Bone Broth Recipe when cooking any roast, and it’s great for these Perfect Instantpot Sweet Potatoes. Get all three instant pot cooking tools in this affordable bundle below!
  • If your potatoes are on the smaller side, take 2-3 minutes off, and cook for 20 minutes, on the other hand if your potatoes are larger, add 2-3 minutes.
  • What do with them after? They are great on their own with a little butter and cinnamon, or use them to make Dairy Free Mac & Cheese. They can be meal prepped ahead of time and used in this Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato meal.
buffalo chicken sweet potato

Don’t have an Instantpot? I promise you they are LIFE changing when it comes to your cooking game! This is one the I love and use at least 3x a week!!

perfect instantpot sweet potatoes

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

The fluffiest, perfectly looked sweet potatoes every time!
Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Dinner, lunch, meal prep


  • Instant Pot


  • 2-4 Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 Cup Water


  • Take a fork and stab the potato creating several small holes in the sweet potato. This will keep it from exploding. Do this about 4-5 times on each potato, spreading them out. They don't need to be deep.
  • Place the potatoes in the instapot, and add water. Seal the lid and make sure the valve is set to sealing mode. Turn on manual cooking on high pressure. Most potatoes should cook perfectly in 20 minutes, if they are very large add 2-3 minutes, or smaller subtract 2-3 minutes. Let pressure naturally release for 10 minutes. Switch valve to quick release, then remove lid. You'll be left with perfectly cooked sweet potatoes!
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    • Ah sorry to hear that! 30 minutes might be too much! Even for very large potatoes, I would do 24 minutes at most! I’ve updated the recipe to add more time for large potatoes. Hope that helps.

      • I tried 27 minutes and they were done but my husband still thought they needed a little more. These were not large potatoes. I would describe them as small to medium.

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