GF/ Whole 30/ Paleo Pantry Staples

Below you’ll find all the items I always have on stock so I can throw together a delicious healthy meal in minutes. Simply click to the picture to get any of items delivered right to your door from Amazon. 

*Although I may earn a small affiliate commission for some of these links, there is no extra charge to you. My promise to you is these are items that I ACTUALLY love and use. I won’t promote anything I don’t 100% stand behind. All opinions and are my own * See the footer below for full disclosure statement.




These are some great alternatives to wheat based. I always have these on hand for baking, and cooking, breading etc. 

My go-to flour and breading. This is BY far the cheapest I've found and it's great quality.
A great flour alternative for baking.
This is great as a thickener for sauces, and stews or to coat things. It can be used in recipe that calls for tapioca starch as well.
Use this as 1:1 Ratio in any recipe that requires regular flour.
This is a 1:1 Grain Free Flour for Paleo baking.

Dressings & Condiments

Gluten, Soy & MSG free "Soy Sauce" use it as a 1:1 Ratio for any recipe requiring soy sauce
Veggie based no sugar added ketchup. Whole 30 & Paleo Friendly
Whole 30, Paleo &Keto friendly Buffalo and wing dipping sauce
Paleo, Keto & Whole 30 friendly BBQ & Steak Sauces
Paleo & Whole 30 Mayo
Paleo, Keto Ranch Dressing
Great to take on its own for the health benefits, add to dishes, or make into a dressing with a little olive oil
Perfect to add flavor to asian dishes, or spice up plain roasted veggies
Add some spice to your dish

Healthy Fats & Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is MUST in my kitchen!
Coconut oil is a staple for cooking and baking
This high smoke point oil is great for cooking.
ghee carrington farms
Grass fed, Ghee is a clarified butter, with little lactose.
A delicious healthy fat, perfect as a snack on its or own or for baking


Delicious allergy friendly, dairy free chocolate chips
A great refined sugar substitute, coconut sugar is Paleo friendly
Gluten and aluminum free baking powder
Raw & unfiltered honey
Real organic paleo friendly maple syrup


Bone broth, great to be sipped on its own or in all sorts of delicious recipes
Paleo almond flour tortillas
Grain free tortillas. Great for all kinds of paleo dishes
chia seeds
A great way to add fiber to your diet. Perfect for chia pudding, in smoothies, or sprinkled in oatmeal.
A perfect way to add fiber and omega 3's to your diet. Sprinkle in all kinds of dishes.