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One of my go-to non toxic safe for you and your home brands. Mrs. Meyers. Large refills produce less plastic and are cost efficient.
Better for the environment, scratch resistant coconut sponges
Cleaning concentrate that will save you tons of money and help the environment
Dark glass spray bottles are great to keep essential oils and concentrates from becoming overly diluted like they do in clear glass bottles
European Dish Clothes are a reusable, biodegradable, super absorbent alternative to paper towels
The best alternative to plastic wraps I've found. Non toxic beeswax wraps that can be resued for up to a year. Use your hands to warm up to make a perfect fit.
7th Generation Eco Friendly dishwasher tabs
This is like a swiffer wet jet, but with no batteries, a reusable microfiber pad, and you can use your own non-toxic cleaner. All around WINS!
Refillable floor mopping solution. Perfect with the Libbys mop above. The almond scent is amazing!!
The most amazing vacuum you'll ever use in your life. Bye bye dust!


Refillable Foaming Hand Soap 2 Count
Method eco friendly non toxic refillable foaming hand soap
Just spray your shower when you're done. No scrubbing, no cleaning, keeps shower clean and free from soap scum, mold and mildew. The scent is AMAZING
Reusable eco friendly bamboo makeup remover pads. Reuse up to 1000 times!