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Air Fryer Cod Piccata

Air Fryer Cod Piccata This Air Fryer Cod Piccata is a new twist on the Italian classic Chicken Piccata. It’s Whole 30, Paleo and Low carb friendly. The best part about this dish is that it’s cooked in aluminum foil packets, so there is virtually no clean-up. If you don’t have an air fryer, you […]

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Chili Lime Chicken Tenders

Chili Lime Chicken Tenders All my recipes on this site are gluten-free, and these Chili Lime Chicken Tenders are no exception. We replace traditional flour with almond flour or almond meal. This also makes these tenders, Whole 30, Paleo and Keto friendly. The spice from the chili and the citrus from the lime pack a […]

garlic parmesan carrot fries being dipped by hand
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Garlic Parmesan Carrot Fries

Garlic Parmesan Carrot Fries Yes, these Garlic Parmesan Carrot Fries are as good as they sound. It’s quite the winning combination! The sweetness of the carrots, tang of garlic, and then the creaminess of the parmesan, all intertwine to make the perfect bite! I didn’t know even know carrot fries were a thing until a […]

Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken tenders plated with hot sauce
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Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Tenders

5 Ingredient Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Tenders (Paleo, Whole 30, Keto) These gluten free buffalo chicken tenders are only five ingredients, and come together in less than 30 minutes. That’s what I call a fricken win! They say every seven years every cell in body has been completely replaced and we are literally an entirely new person. Because we […]

the crispiest air fryer potaotes
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The Crispiest Air Fryer Potatoes

Crispiest Air Fryer Potatoes These Crispiest Air Fryer potatoes are just the side dish you’ve been looking for. Made in 15 minutes with just 4 ingredients, Vegan, Whole 30 & Paleo friendly. Does it get better than that? They have nice crunch on the outside when you bite in, yet perfectly soft on the inside. […]

plated chicken picatta capers lemon antique fork
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Whole 30 Chicken Piccata (Keto, Paleo)

Whole 30 Chicken Piccata Recipe What makes this Whole 30 Chicken Piccata, Whole 30? Well first off, if you don’t know, Whole 30, in a nutshell, is a way to reduce inflammatory foods and incorporate whole real, unprocessed foods into your life. For detailed info, visit their site. Unlike a typical Piccata recipe, this recipe has […]

buffalo chicken meatballs on antique fork
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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs This Buffalo Chicken Meatballs recipe combines two things that I really love, buffalo style anything and my air fryer! I am in a constant battle with myself if my favorite appliance is my instapot or my air fryer. However, this recipe definitely makes me lean towards the air fryer. How it makes […]