Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole

This Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole combines two of my favorite things, buffalo chicken and casseroles. I hated spicy foods growing up, then one day, I started craving buffalo wings and haven’t turned back since. This recipe is Paleo, Whole 30 & Low carb friendly. Its an easy meal that you can make ahead during meal prep, or if you make the ingredients ahead of time, toss together the same day.

buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole plated with spaghetti squash in the background

Current Updates

I mentioned yesterday that Dave and I officially booked a trip to visit my parents in North Carolina, we live in NYC, in two weeks! I can’t tell you how much better I feel. For weeks it’s felt like there was nothing to look forward too. All of our plans postponed, upcoming trips canceled, flights canceled. It’s not easy being two people, trying to live and work in a bedroom apartment all day on top of each other. Luckily we love each other, A LOT, otherwise I don’t think we’d make it through this. But, now, finally, we have a glimmer of hope. A 12-hour car ride! When my parents first retired to North Carolina, I told them I would always fly, never drive down there. One year I think I flew down eight times! And yet, here I am finding myself looking forward to a 12-hour road trip!

spagehtti squash cooked in a bowl

Another exciting thing, we are going to food shopping today. Besides that fact that is the one activity that gets us out of the house weekly, I am excited because I have a lot of great recipes planned for the upcoming week. I’m going to attempt to cook a whole chicken in the Instant pot! If it turns out well, there will be a recipe up in a few days. However, if you don’t see a blog post, well, it means it was an epic fail, and I’ll probably stop being a food blogger. Just kidding, nothing can keep me from doing this, I love this shit 🙂 It’s been probably the only thing that has kept me sane during this quarantine.

shredded chicken with tongs white subway tile backsplash marble

Casserole to the Rescue

I love a good casserole for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they remind me of being a kid. With both my parents working, juggling all of our activities, and busy social schedules, casseroles were an easy dinner to make, so we had them often. Secondly, they are great for meal prep. You can prepare everything early in the week, then pop it in the oven. If you don’t want to make the whole thing, you can at least prepare some or most of the ingredients, then you just mix them together and then toss in the oven. For this recipe, you can make use my 10 minute shredded chicken recipe and Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash to make ahead. The other main reason I love casseroles is they are easy to freeze, so you can always double the recipe, and then have another meal ready to go a few weeks later. 

close up of buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole

Nerdy Health Stuff

As mentioned above, spaghetti squash has a decent amount of fiber, but what makes fiber so great? Well first off let me know tell you 1 cup of spaghetti squash has about 2.2 G of fiber. This might not seem like a lot, but it’s over 9% of your recommended daily intake. While that might not seem like a lot, only 5% of Americans meet the daily requirements. So 9% in just one cup is a win in my book. Fiber has a whole host of benefits. The Mayo Clinic suggests fiber may lower blood sugar levels, improve the regularity of bowel movements, help lower cholesterol, and also aid in achieving weight loss.

spaghetti squash cooked in the instant pot

Besides, the fiber Spaghetti Squash has many other health benefits. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, potassium, B vitamins, and beta carotene. Beta carotene is an important component of eye health. Potassium has been shown to help lower blood pressure. Consuming spaghetti squash may increase your intake of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Spaghetti squash has also been shown to increase the Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids assist in regulating blood pressure and are also known to have anti-inflammatory effects that protect against heart disease.

Tips, Recs, Subs

  • Make the Spaghetti Squash and Chicken ahead and use later. You can make the spaghetti squash in 8 minutes in the instant pot, and the chicken in 10 minutes in the instant pot. Both recipes here. Instantpot Spagehtti Squash, 10 Minute Shredded Chicken.
  • See the video below on how to cut a spaghetti squash without a knife.
  • Don’t have an Instant pot? This is the one that I have and love, I can’t recommend it enough!!

<iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=US&source=ac&ref=tf_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=mostlyclean03-20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=B00FLYWNYQ&asins=B00FLYWNYQ&linkId=d302d1cd75bf6b5c44e65dd4c5d8ede8&show_border=false&link_opens_in_new_window=false&price_color=333333&title_color=0066C0&bg_color=FFFFFF”>


  • Make sure your buffalo sauce is Whole 30/Paleo complaint. My go to brand is The New Primal, order here right from amazon.
  • Same for the dressing. You can use ranch, but I didn’t have any in when I made this recipe, and I actually liked it better with the Cesar dressing! My go to is Primal Kitchen, Whole 30 & Paleo compliant. Get yours here from amazon.
buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole

Get the Ingredients

You can have all the ingredients delivered to you directly from Whole Foods with FREE DELIVERY in 2 hours or less, through Amazon Prime. Make sure you use this link for a free 30-day trial. If you are low income and receive EBT or other government benefits, you may qualify for a reduced rate of $5.99/month.

Cut Spaghetti Squash Without A Knife

Spaghetti squash is a difficult squash to cut and it can get a little dangerous. I’ve come close to losing a finger or two. However, I was fortunate enough to find a way to open it with a just a fork, see the short video below.

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Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole

A Paleo Whole 30 and Low carb friendly casserole that is just 4 ingredients and super easy to to make.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine American
Servings 6 people


  • Casserole or baking dish


  • 1.5 Lbs Cooked and Shredded Chicken (see nots above for my 10 minute chicken recipe)
  • 1 Medium-Large Spaghetti Squash cooked, (see notes above for 8 minute spaghetti squash recipe)
  • 1/2 Cup Buffalo Sauce
  • 1/4 Cup Ranch or Cesar dressing (Make sure it's Paleo/Whole 30 Compliant)
  • handful of green onions chopped for a garnish (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Add the spaghetti squash, chicken, buffalo sauce, and dressing in a mixing bowl. Stir well until it's combined.
  • Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Top with green onion (optional) Serve hot and enjoy 🙂
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