13 free home workouts NYC fitness studio classes

13 Free Home Workouts

13 Free Home Workouts

In the upcoming days I know we can all use these 13 Free Home Workouts, to help us keep a little sanity during this insanity. As we all hunker down, and get used to a new way of life, it’s important we all try our best to keep our some sort of normal. Staying active, and moving our bodies is one of the best ways to do so! If you need other ways, check out my post on 15 Stress Relieving Activites From Home. I wanted to make sure everything on this list was free, because I don’t want the uncertainty of our financial futures to be the reason we can’t continue to work towards all of our goals, whatever those might be. Hope this is helpful to you, if it is please pass it along to other friends who might benefit. Stay safe out there!!!

1. Rumble Boxing

Rumble boxing is a great workout that combines boxing and strength training. Their classes in NYC are typically $38 a pop, here is a great way to get in on the action for free! They are hosting a free class on their Insta Live all day and it stays up on their stories for the remainder of the day. All you need is a mat! Simply follow @DoYouRumble on the gram to check it out!

13 free home workouts rumble fitness trainers good looking in shape
Photo Credit Rumble

2. Barrys BootCamp

Yes! THAT Barrys Boot Camp. The ones that celebs flock to and top fitness gurus can’t get enough of. Just like rumble they are offering free 30 Minute classes live streaming on their instagram and saving it to their IGTV.

13 free at home workouts barrys instructors abs toned muscles
Photo Credit Barrys

3. Peloton

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a bike for Christmas this year, don’t worry you can still get free Peloton workouts at home. They extended their free trial to 90 days. Hopefully we’ll all be in the clear by then 🙂 They have all kinds of classes from stretching to yoga and pilates. Click here for to sign up.

13 free at home workouts abs toned peloton trainers
photo credit NYPost

4. Core Power Yoga

Core power on demand has a TON of Yoga classes all ready for you to stream and watch you want. When I say I ton. I mean multiple classes every hour all day long!

13 free at home workouts yoga
Photo Credit CorePower

5. Couch To 5 K!

One of the few reasons you are allowed to go outside during the “shelter in place” restrictions is if you are running solo! This app is great for beginner runners. It’s 30 minutes 3x a week and builds you up using the popular walk/jog method. Simply download to your phone and let it tell you when to start running, and when to walk.

6. 305 Fitness

This studio is offering free classes on their Youtube Channel. You can find a variety of Dance and Zumba classes.

 13 free home workouts dance cardio addict
Photo Credit 305Fitness

7. YogaWorks

They are live streaming a TON of classes all day everyday. Check out the schedule here. If you need something a little more relaxing, and lets be honest who doesnt these days, try their restorative and gentle yoga, meditation and yin yoga classes.

13 at home workouts yoga balls weights mats gentle exercise
Photo Credit Yogaworks

8. Strong by Zumba

Free HIIT classes on their Youtube page. Short on time, they have classes as short as 7 minutes. #NoExcuses.

13 workouts from home strong zumba dance cardio fitness
Photo Credit Zumba

9. Planet Fitness

One of the largest gyms in the country is offering free workouts daily at 7PM on their Facebook page. You can also go to their Youtube channel for 30 minute equipment free workouts.

Photo Credit Planetfitness.com

10. Nike Training Club

Nike trainers have curated workouts, with GIFs to demonstrate available here. Time ranges from 15, 30 or 45 minute workouts.

Nike Training club 13 workouts from home strength endurance fitness

11. Blogilates

No list of 13 Free Home Workouts could be complete without mentioning Blogilates! One of my fave free workouts for years! Cassey has so many great vids. One of my favorite collection of her workouts, are the length of a song, and corresponding theme. Some of my go-tos, Shape of your thighs leg workout to Ed Sheerens shape of you. Bad at Love (Handles) Ab workout to Halseys bad at love. All available on her website. Check out her 14 Day Quarantine apartment friendly workout pictured above!


12. P.Volve

They are offering 10 & 20 Minute full body workouts on their Insta live. The company is also offering 20% off their workout equipment on their website.

Photo Credit Sweats & the City

13. Down Dog App

They are doing free classes, including HIIT, Yoga for Beginners, & Barre. Access is free and unlimited through April 1, students and teachers get free access through July!

photo credit Downdogapp.com

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